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Kusuri Klay
A unique high purity Montmorillonite clay - Research proven!
Remineralises water, improves water clarity, Koi colour & lustre, aids health, stimulates appetite.
Montmorillonite clay can contain up to 64 minerals & trace elements. Clay is not a miracle or a panacea, Purity composition & structure is the critical element with clay to achieve results and most clay can purport to be a "type" of Montmorillonite. 99.9% of most clays in the world are unsuitable to use in a Koi pond environment.
Use 1 level cup (25 grams) as supplied fixed to the inside lid of the container, to every 500 gallons of pond water. Place measured amount into a bucket of pond water and mix into a milky emulsion. Add slowly all around pond. Ensure any powder left in the bottom of the bucket is added. Pond will go milky colour which will clear on average in 6-24 hours. Use weekly all year round.
Kusuri Klay can be used twice weekly or even a small amount every day, it is a pure mineral product 100% free of any chemicals.
Health and Safety there are no implications for human health however, this is a fine powder product and could irritate dry or sensitive skin wear gloves if required. Do not inhale.

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Kusuri Klay

Kusuri Klay

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