Winter Feeding

As the water temperature becomes colder the metabolic rate of a Koi and other pond fish becomes slower. With this slower metabolic rate digestion slows and the fish cannot process higher protein summer foods in their gut.

It is important for health and immunity to continue to feed the fish in colder water but the feed needs to change to a low protein Winter Wheatgerm diet.  As a general rule wheatgerm foods can be fed down to a pond water temperature of around 6°c. 

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JPD Shogun Koi Food
JPD Shogun Koi Food
JPD Shogun Koi Food SHOGUN has superior digestibility in low temperatures and can be used all season. SHOGUN is specially formulated, using high quality ingredients, for the maintenance of healthy Koi. SHOGUN is manufactured to maintain its shape and not to cloud the water. SHOGUN is formula contains high quality fish meals, which Koi find very palatable Available in Medium...
Migotona Sinking Koi Food
Migotona Sinking Koi Food 6mm Migotona - Amazing Koi Food is our own Koi Logic brand that has been developed in order to increase the digestibility of the food in Koi. For Koi to grow and develop from feeding a high quality feed is required with some important factors taken in to account. The starch in Migotona Sinking Food is pre-gelatinised and so it can be optimally used as an energy...
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Roto Koi - Wheatgerm Pellet (Floating 6mm)
Roto Koi - Wheatgerm Pellet (Floating 6mm) A nutritious complete wheatgerm pellet for all types of fish. A highly digestable low-waste cold water pond food for feeding all fish in Spring, Autumn and Winter Analysis: Protein: 28% Oil: 5% Fibre: 3.5% Ash: 10.0% Ingredients: Wheat, soya, meat and bone meal, wheat germ, maize, fish meal, soya oil, minerals, vitamins. ...
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Roto Koi - Wheatgerm Pellet (Sinking 5mm)
Roto Koi - Wheatgerm Pellet (Sinking 5mm) A highly digestable low-waste cold water pond food for feeding all fish in Spring, Autumn and Winter Suitable for Koi and all pond fish Composition: Cereals Vegetable Protein Extracts Derivatives of Vegetable Origin Meat and Animal Derivatives Oils and Fats Minerals Analytical Consituents: Crude Protein 20% Crude...


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NT Labs - Medikoi Wheatgerm Junior with Garlic - 3mm
NT Labs Medikoi Wheatgerm Junior (3mm pellet) with Garlic Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic is a complete feed for all pond fish, ideal for late autumn, winter and early spring feeding. This specially formulated diet has been selected to be easily metabolised by your fish, and the reduced protein results in less waste being produced by fish when their metabolism slows in the cooler months. The...
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NT Labs - Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic - 6mm
NT Labs Medikoi Wheatgerm (6mm pellet) with Garlic Protect your Fish from Parasites. Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic is formulated to protect your fish from parasites. Garlic is rich in sulphur containing compounds which give it it's characteristic smell. These compounds are known to have repellant properties. The volatile oils in garlic diffuse through the skin of the fish and into the mucus...


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Kusuri Wheatgerm Koi Food
Kusuri Wheatgerm Pellet Koi Food Features: Kusuri Wheatgerm pellet food is specially formulated with extra medicinal inclusions, the new wheatgerm formula contains all of the high nutrient ingredients included in the Premium formula. Such as Krill, Kelp, Garlic etc. Wheatgerm feeds can of course, be feed at anytime, but are particulary popular during Autumn, Winter and early Spring periods...


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Kusuri Multi-Season Koi Food
Kusuri Multi-Season Koi Food Features This food is superb! The most versatile of our foods, rapidly gaining a deserved reputation for amazingly low waste production. Wheat flour is a major carbohydrate constituent in many pelleted foods, and is almost impossible for the Koi to digest. This food has been specifically formulated to remove all wheat flour, allowing greater pellet digestibility...
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Hikari - Wheatgerm Koi Food
Hikari Wheat-Germ Easily digested complete and balanced diet for feeding during the cooler months when the water temperature drops High wheat-germ content, naturally high in Vitamin E & Linolenic Acid, offering improved digestion Superior source of natural protein Feed when the water temperature is 5 °C or above Can be fed all year round Sizes: Mini, Medium & Large...
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Saki Hikari - Multi Season
Saki Hikari - Multi Season
Saki Hikari - Multi Season A daily diet for show koi offering superior assimilation, growth & color-enhancing properties even in the colder weather months. Features: Manufactured to our exacting standards offering benefits not available with standard cooler weather koi diets. Contains easily digested ingredients, including a select portion of the wheat germ kernel, which...

Nishikoi - Wheatgerm
Nishikoi Wheatgerm Koi Food A highly digestible, vegetable-based, low protein diet ideal for feeding at low temperatures in spring and autumn. The high wheatgerm content improves digestion at cooler temperatures and when the fishes metabolism is lower keeping ammonia excretion to a minimum. This is vital at periods of reduced filter performance during low temperatures. 19.7% protein for growth,...
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