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AquaForte Tripod for Automatic Fish Feeder
AquaForte Tripod for Automatic Fish Feeder
Tripod for AquaForte Automatic Fish Feeder Handy tool for the AquaForte Fish feeder to install it higher above the waterline. Legs are adjustable in length from 36 to 58cm.
Cloverleaf Automatic Feeder
Cloverleaf Automatic Feeder
THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Cloverleaf - Auto Fish Feeders The Cloverleaf Feeders are suitable for normal UK outdoor conditions - however like all electrical equipment, the mains plug and electronic timer MUST be housed in a dry enclosure. The base of the feeder is not designed to stand in water and an E.L.C.D. must be used. Do not emerse the unit in water, to clean use a damp cloth, and...

Evolution Aqua - EvoFeed AutomaticEvolution Aqua - EvoFeed Automatic
Evolution Aqua - EvoFeed Automatic
Evolution Aqua - Evo Feed Automatic Automatic fish feeder for ponds evoFeed Automatic is an automatic fish feeder suitable for medium and large ponds. The unit can be programmed to dispense food into the pond at timed intervals throughout the day. The distance the food is propelled, and the amount of time it is dispensed for, are also adjustable. Weatherproof, evoFeed Automatic can be...
Koi Cafe Automatic Feeder
Koi Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder Koi Cafe automatic feeders for ornamental fish offers the ease of regular feeding up to 5 times a day. The innovative design prevents the food to get into contact with moisture. Provided with a sight glass to check the quantity of food (maximum 2kg) Food is delivered with a digital timer and rechargable batteries (solar panel is optional). The timer can be set...
Was £747.89 Now £639.99

Koi Cafe Battery Charger
Koi Cafe Battery Charger
Koi Cafe Auto Feeder - Battery Charger Keep your battery charged up on your feeder with this charger. For Koi Cafe automatic feeder only. Available within 5-7 days
Koi Cafe Solar Panel
Koi Cafe Solar Panel
Koi Cafe - Automatic Fish Feeder - Solar Panel This is an optional solar panel addition for the Koi Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder. Colour. Metal/Black Colour Please note: The photo shows the complete Koi Cafe with solar panel attached. Both the solar panel and Koi Cafe need to be bought separately.

XClear Auto Feeder
XClear Auto Feeder New model, now available with 3-knob controller for easy programming. Using an automatic feeder to feed your fish has many advantages. You will get the most out of your fish by always giving them the correct amount of food. This makes for optimal growth and a more beautiful colour pattern for fish such as koi. Smaller quantities of food are dispensed per feed, which is healthier...
Was £253.13 Now £209.99