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Pontec PondoStar LED Pond Lights
Pontec PondoStar LED Pond Lights Brilliant, luminous light accents for garden and pond! Luminous beams in the garden with "The PondoStar LED Lights" which are extremely energy-efficient spotlights that bring fascinating illuminated views to your garden. Equipped with a 12 V cable transformer, the spotlights are perfectly suited for use underwater and above the water surface. ...
Was £55.99 Now from £39.99
Pontec PondoStar LED RGB Set 3
Pontec PondoStar LED RGB Set 3 Three efficient spotlights with a transformer and remote control for adding ambiance to the pond or garden with coloured and white LED lighting. The PondoStar LED RGB Set 3 is designed for use in smaller ponds, water features and for gentle lighting of garden features. Each spotlight consumes only 2 watts of power and delivers a fully controllable RGB...
Was £148.99 Now £99.99

Pontec PondoStar LED Ring
Pontec PondoStar LED Ring The Pontec PondoStar LED Ring is a great illumination for water features or ponds. This simple elegant light ring will transform your water feature or pond, adding a modern twist. Pontec PondoStar LED Ring has warm white LEDs for illuminating fountains and water features. This elegant LED light ring provides ambient lighting for your pond, garden, water feature...
Was £51.99 Now £39.99
Pontec Pondosolar Lily LED - 3 Light SetPontec Pondosolar Lily LED - 3 Light Set
Pontec Pondosolar Lily LED - 3 Light Set
Pontec Pondosolar Lily LED - 3 Light Set The Pontec Pondosolar Lily LED - 3 Light Set is a floating set of artificial lily leaves, one with a built -in solar panel and the other three with LED lights in the centre of the flowers. During the day the panel will charge up the lithium-ion battery and at dusk the lights will automatically switch on and use the stored energy. The panel lays...

Pontec Pondomatic 3
Pontec Pondomatic - Sludge Vacuum - Special vacuum cleaner for ponds and pools - Effective sludge vacuum with powerful 1400 watt motor - Automatic activation and emptying through intelligent integrated time control - Compact design - 30 litre collection tank - With 3 suction nozzles: crevice nozzle, algae nozzle variable universal nozzle (2-10 mm) - Inclusive 4 m suction hose and 2 m discharge hose
Was £179.99 Now £149.99
Oase Pontec Multiclear 8000 set
Oase Pontec Multiclear 8000 set
Pontec Multiclear set The set includes all you need to get your pond water clear: 1500 lph pump, filter unit with integrated UVC and 3 metres of 3/4 inch hose. - Compact housing - With 11 watt UVC clarifier on top of the box - First step after the UVC is an easy to clean Japanese mat - Second comes a new developed wall to seperate the chambers and optimise the flow inside the filter unit - Next...

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