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Kusuri Defoamer
Kusuri Defoamer Defoamer is formulated to remove unsightly foam from the surface of your pond. For use only with ornamental fish. This product can be used to disperse accumulation of foam from the surface of the pond. Directions: Shake well before use. Fill a clean watering can with pond water and add correct dosage of KUSURI Defoamer. Tighten cap after use. Sprinkle across the...
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NT Labs - Foamclear - Anti-foam
NT Labs Pond Aid FoamclearFoamclear is designed to breakdown the froth in garden ponds, created by an excessive build up of protein in the pond water. The more protein that is present the larger the amount of foam. Foamclear will breakdown the froth, allowing carbon dioxide to escape from the water and helping to maintain the correct pH.Foamclear is non toxic, harmless to plants, harmless to all fish...
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