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Digital - Koi Medic Salt Tester
Digital - Koi Medic Digital Salt Tester The Koi Medic Salt Meter is an ideal way for testing your water for the Salt content, this is extremely important if you salt your pond. No More Guessing - with these accurate digital Salt Testers. Koi Medic Salt Meters are designed to measure and monitor the delicate salt concentration in your Koi pond. The meter is extremely easy to use, simply turn it on and...
Was £98.18 Now £81.99
Digital - pH PAL Plus Tester
Digital - pH PAL Plus Tester
Digital - pH PAL TesterThe pH PAL tester replaces pH litmus paper. This easy to use pH tester does the work of more than 300 rolls of indicator paper. The pH PAL pH tester is a reliable, robust portable pH tester housed in a water resistant case.The pH tester features an easy to read 6mm LCD display indicating pH over the range of 0 to 14pH with a resolution of 0.1pH and an accuracy of ±0.2pH. The...
Was £61.36 Now £59.99