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Cloverleaf Absolute CT Anti Bacterial
Cloverleaf Absolute CT Anti Bacterial Cloverleaf Absolute cT is a Anti-Bacterial treatment for bacterial infections in fresh water fish such as Body ulcers, Finrot, and Systemic bacterial disease it will also aid the control of Aquatic pathogens. Absolute cT is added once a day for up to 4 days and should not be used in soft water as this can be very toxic, a level of PH should be at least...
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Colombo Cytofex
Colombo Cytofex Cytofex is effective against bacterial infections such as skin ulcers, infections, fin rot and hole disease. For this purpose, Cytofex contains the Enrofloxacin antibiotic with wide spectrum of action as well as the Benzalkonium-chloride disinfectant. Dosage: 1000 ml to treat 10,000 litres
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Kusuri Acriflavin
Koi Pond Medication - Kusuri AcriflavinThis medication is a liquid preparation, used as a general anti-bacterial, also useful for the treatment of external fungal infections.Acriflavine is also reported to help in the reduction of minor viral infections. It can be used safely in salted ponds. Acriflavine can be also be used as a bath treatment. Dosage:10mls to 100 gallons. The normal course is 3 treatments...
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Kusuri Chloramine T
Koi Pond Treatment - Kusuri Chloramine TChloramine T is a powdered product, an effective broad spectrum chemical for lowering bacteria in ponds.At higher dose rates it can be used against skin/gill flukes, white spot, Costia, etc. Commonly used as a pond-wide treatment.Typical Anti-Bacterial Dosages: 5gms per 1000 gallons as an anti-bacterialTypical Anti-Parasite Dosages: 15-20gms per 1000 gallons...
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NT Labs - Bacterad - Anti Ulcer, Finrot & Flukes
NT Labs Pond Aid BacteradSingle dose pond water control of skin/gill flukes and bacteria which cause tail/fin rot, ulcers and sluggish behaviour of fishes.Rotting fins and tails are obvious signs of bacterial disease.Other conditions may not be quite so easy to observeWhen fish are seen gasping at the surface or by waterfalls, it is possible that they have a gill fluke infection.They may also have...
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NT Labs Koi Care - Acriflavin
NT Labs Koi Care - Acriflavin Treats: Fin, tail & mouth rot and ulcers. When to use? When fish show symptoms of a bacterial infection, or as a quarantine solution before adding new fish. Acriflavin can be used in conjunction with Ulcer Swab and Propolis Wound Seal for the treatment of ulcers and other open wounds. How to use? Test your water quality...
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NT Labs Koi Care - Chloramine TNT Labs Koi Care - Chloramine T
NT Labs Koi Care - Chloramine T
NT Labs Koi Care - Chloramine T Treats: External bacterial and parasitic infections. When to use? When fish show symptoms of a bacterial infection (ulcers, fin, tail or mouth rot, loose scales), parasitic infection (Costia, Trichodina, skin or gill flukes), flicking and rubbing against rough surfaces or gasping. How to use? Test your water quality using NT Labs...
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