1st March 2018
Ogata 4th Annual Spring Auction & Tategoi Sale 2018

 Ogata Auction Koi 2018

James will be attending and bidding on koi at the Ogata 4th Spring Auction on Wednesday 7th March as the UK sole agent to the Ogata Koi Farm.

The koi that will be auctioned are 1 year olds and some 2 year olds. The quality this year is exceptional.

There will also be the annual sale for Tategoi Tosai (1 year old with high potential) from Thursday 8th March.

The auction koi can be viewed here: Members of the public are not permitted to participate in the auction as it is trade only, so we will bid on our customers' behalf.

If you are interested in any of the koi in the auction catalogue or are looking for something in particular from the Tategoi sale, please contact us by phone or email and we will discuss your requirements. Due to time differences in Japan, we would need to be able to know your requirements before Monday 5th March.


23rd November 2017
Black Friday Week at Koi Logic


24th November - 2nd December 2018



VELDA FISH DOMES £59.99 (great for Christmas! Only while stocks last)



PLEASE NOTE: All koi are currently been kept in unheated ponds and are suitable to adding to outdoor ponds during Black Friday week. In order to make your right selection, come to us in daylight hours!

We are closed Sundays

14th August 2017
Our sad news
Our sad news

To our customers and friends,

We have some very sad news to share. Douglas Hanford, the co-founder of Koi Logic, passed away peacefully on Monday 7th August 2017 following a stroke. This was unexpected and we are deeply shocked and saddened.

He will be greatly missed by all his family, friends and also customers that have shopped with us over the years.

In lieu of flowers, we have set up a charity donation page raising money for the Stroke Association and RNLI. Doug was a keen sailor, owning a few different sailing boats over the years and always supported the RNLI.

Please find the link here:

Please note: We will be closed for business on Monday 21st August and Tuesday 22nd August. Any web orders will be sent on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.

1st November 2016
Ogata Autumn Harvest & Annual Ogata Koi Auction 2016

A selection of auction koi 2016

The Ogata Autumn Harvest has taken place and Koi Logic will be present in Japan to purchase koi from the harvest and also from the annual koi auction to be held on 8th November, 2016

James will be bidding in the auction on behalf of retail and trade customers.

Please click the link below to view the auction catalogue. Please note that this catalogue is subject to change this week, so please keep checking daily. 

If you have interest in any particular koi in the auction or would like James to select you a koi of particular age, size or variety from the general sale, please complete our contact us form or call on 01708 226699

Click to view the Koi available for auction 

23rd February 2016
Ogata 2nd Annual Spring Auction 2016
Ogata 2nd Annual Spring Auction 2016

Hi all,

We will be attending the 2nd annual Ogata Koi Farm Spring Auction and Tosai sale on Tuesday 2nd March in Japan.

The auction koi can be viewed at the following link. More will be added in the coming days, so please ensure that you keep checking

We will be happy to bid on any koi on your behalf. All you need to do is get in contact with us and let us know your budget.

12th November 2014
Ogata Autumn Harvest & 3rd Annual Ogata Auction 2014

Hello all,

Well, that's another successful buying trip to the Ogata Koi Farm completed. In one week, we selected over 170 high quality Nisai and Sansai, sizes ranging from 45 - 69cm. You can see our selections in 'quick shot' format on our photo galleryWe will post individual photos and videos once the Koi arrive into the UK along with pricing details. Prices will range from £400 - £1500 for the Nisai.

Ogata 3rd AuctionTo see other photos from the trip and the Ogata Auction, please visit our photo gallery.Mukashi Ogon 88cm 
Whilst on the trip to the farm, we were able to preview the ponds containing next year's tosai. There are currently tens of thousands of baby koi growing strong at the farm and will be ready for selection early next year and they look excellent. Many varieties will be available so keep an eye out for our newsletters early next year. View the video of the tosai ponds

There was fierce competition from all over the world at the 3rd Annual Ogata Auction but James successfully bid on three Koi in the Ogata 3rd Auction. We will be bringing back a monster 88cm Female 6 year old Mukashi Ogon, 44cm Female 2 year old Kikokuryu and 47cm Female 2 year old Koromo. We will also be bringing back to Koi Logic a 79cm Chagoi which James has been growing on for 2 years in the mud ponds. It is a stunning example of a Chagoi.

All Koi will be in the UK next week. They do need a little settling in time but they will be available to view from 24 November in the main Koi Logic ponds. All welcome to pop in and see them!

Christmas Gift Ideas

It's now so close to Christmas that we all have to start thinking about Christmas, if you're stuck for ideas then here's a little gift guide to help you to add to your Christmas Wish list!

The ever popular gift of the year has to be the Floating Fish Dome - not just for fun but a very practical Koi inspection window. 

Add some sparkle to the pond with a Floating Plant island with lights (adds plants to your pond without the dirty water!) or light it up with some Oase Lunaqua LED lights (ask in store for other lighting alternatives)

Some more practical gifts include Test kitsKoi Medic Digital Salt TesterSolar Pond Thermometers or Water Purifiers 

Gift Vouchers are always popular at Christmas if you're stuck for ideas - you can order online for an e-voucher or a physical gift voucher can be purchased instore or we can arrange free next day delivery for vouchers over £50.  

Winter & Christmas Opening hours

Please note, we are now in winter opening hours period. We will be open Monday - Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Over the Christmas period, we will be closed from midday Wednesday 24th December, reopening again on Saturday 3rd January 2015. Online orders over this period will be despatched on Monday 5th January 2015 for delivery on Tuesday 6th January if items are in stock.

3rd November 2014
3rd Annual Ogata Koi Farm Auction 2014 - Preview

The 3rd Annual Ogata Koi Farm Auction will be held in Fukuoka, Japan on 11th November 2014.

We will be in attendance at this auction and will be bidding on behalf of retail and trade customers.

A message from Mr Ogata: "Thank you so much for your interest in Ogata Koi. I hold auction on 11 November 2014. There is also co-participation with Dainichi, Isa, Sakai, Momotaro and other famous breeder this year'

Please click the link below to view a preview of the Koi that are listed in this auction. 

If you have any enquiries, please complete our contact us form or call on 01708 226699

Click to view the Koi available for auction 

Please note: More images may be added as the week progresses so please keep checking back regularly

21st October 2014
End of Season Sale - EXTENDED DATES

Due to popular demand, our End of Season Koi Sale has now been extended. Sale will continue until close of business, Saturday 1st November.


Buy one, get one free on all Koi ranging from £17.50 - £95.00

Larger Koi from 12" in the larger ponds are 25% off.


There are some fantastic deals to be had - don't miss out.

A reminder for you that there is 10% off Ogata Special Wheatgerm (Medium pellet) by entering WHEAT10 at the checkout.

7th October 2014
End of Season Sale & Autumn Harvest

 End of Season Sale

The end of the season is upon us but there's still time to add to your Koi collection!

Between Saturday 4 October 2014 - Saturday 18 October, we will be holding our End of Season sale.

 - Buy one Koi, get one Koi free up to the same price in the shop (prices range from £17.50 - £95.00).
 - All Koi from 12" in the large ponds are 25% off.
 - Tategoi (1 year old with good potential) are now priced to clear.

If you are not local and would still like to select some of our Koi for sale, we will be pleased to send them directly to your door. Please contact us at or on 01708 226699 for more information.

We also have some fantastic deals on other goods in store such as airstones, filters, filter media and more. Only while stocks last... Don't miss out! 

Autumn Harvest and 3rd Annual Ogata Koi Farm Auction 2014

The annual autumn harvest will begin this month and we will be heading out to Japan at the beginning of November to select Nisai (2 year old), Sansai (3 year old) and Yonsai (4 year old) Ogata Koi.  If you would like us to select any Koi on your behalf whilst we are in Japan, we will be happy to do so. Please email with your specific requirements, including your budget by Friday 31st October and we will endeavour to find the perfect Koi for you. We can remain in contact via email and Skype during the selection process to further assist your choice.

Ogata Special Wheatgerm OfferSpecial Offers!

In preparation for winter, we are offering 10% off our Ogata Wheatgerm Medium Pellet. This offer applies to all sizes from 1.5kg to 15kg.

Ogata Special Wheatgerm is the best you can buy! This high quality wheatgerm contains garlic as standard along with vitamins and minerals to keep your Koi healthy over the colder months.

Simply mention the 10% offer at the checkout in store or if ordering online, enter the code WHEAT10 at checkout.

Offer is valid until Friday 31 October 2014.

Our Fat Fish Booster pack consisting of 3L of Silkworm and 3L Meal Worm is perfect to build up your Koi in preparation for winter. This is on special offer in store for £15.99 (saving £3.99)

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter about looking after your pond and Koi over the winter and some great ideas for Christmas gifts.

Looking forward to seeing you in store and online soon!

18th July 2014
Aeration Essentials

In this warm weather, you need to ensure that your fish are looked after and have enough oxygen to breath.

A common question we get is asked is 'I have a waterfall and/or venturi, surely that's enough oxygen for my fish?'

Not entirely. Waterfalls and Venturis do provide some oxygen in the pond but as the oxygen bubbles enter the water they are very close to the surface of the pond so they gas off the surface of the pond very quickly without full saturation into the water. Waterfalls and Venturis should be used in conjunction with an air pump and airstones. The airstones can be placed lower into the water to the bottom of the pond, so as each oxygen bubble takes longer to arrive at the surface of the pond more oxygen is delivered in to the pond water, increasing the oxygen available to the fish.High Pressure Manifold

The warmer the pond water, the more oxygen you need to add to the pond.

Oxygen is depleted faster in warm water than in cooler water. So in Winter there is less of a need to add extra oxygen than in the warmer Spring, Summer and Autumn months. Using a dedicated air pump to pump more 
oxygen into your pond during these warmer months is a must to maintain a good healthy pond and healthy fish full of vitality.

Enviro ET Series Air PumpSome possible signs that you might need to add more aeration to your pond water 

  • The Koi and pond fish are spending alot of time on the surface in the bubbles of your waterfall or fountain
  • The Koi and pond fish are gasping at the surface
  • The Koi and pond fish are moving very slowly in the water and may not be eating as much food.

What options are there?

Simple pond setups need only an air pump, airline, manifold and airstones. 

Hailea ACO-9730 Pump KitThings to think about when choosing the correct air pump:

  • How deep is your pond! The deeper the airstone is going to be in your pond, the more water pressure there is around the airstone, so the more powerful the air pump will have to be to push the air down to the airstone.
  • Aeration causes turbulence on the surface of the pond! If the pond surface is quiet small and a large air pump is used then it may become difficult to see your fish through the large amount of air bubbles created by the large pump. For ponds that have a small water volume and are shallow, then air pumps like the Hailea V-10 and V-20 are ideal. For ponds with a larger volume and deeper then pumps like the Hailea 9730 and Enviro ET Series Pumps (almost identical to the HAP series) - ET80, ET100 & ET120 are best suited.
  • Ceramic AirstonesWould you prefer to use rubber air diffusers or ceramic stones? There are many choices of air diffuser available and some are best suited for use with certain air pumps and pond setups. 

We have a large range of pumps, airstones & discs and all other air accessories in stock today. Not to mention a limited amount of Aquarium aeration products for growing on or quarantine tanks.

With this in mind if you would like any advice on the above, then please do not hesitate to come and see us instore or contact us on We will be happy to help talk through your pond aeration requirements and ensure you have the correct equipment for your pond and fish.

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