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Ball Valve - Double Union
Ball Valve - Double Union
Ball Valve - Double Union - Imperial Pressure - Made in Germany These German made double union ball valves are of the highest quality and tightest ball tolerance available. There are many cheap copies of these valves on the market...be aware!! Ideal for controlling water flow to filters Either side of equipment like external pond pumps, UV clarifiers, Ozone equipment, ect. Unlike other...


Blagdon Force-Hybrid Ball Valve
Blagdon Force-Hybrid Ball Force-Hybrid Ball Valve with Hosetails and removalable unions for easy hose removal and cleaning. Fits Hose 18mm (¾"), 25mm (1"), 32mm (1¼"), 38mm (1½") Ideal for controling water flow from a pump to a filter


Was £32.99 Now £22.99

Oase - Y Piece Distributer 1½in
Oase - Y Piece Distributer 1½" The Oase Y distributor is very simple, yet it has multiple uses including splitting flow to a filter or waterfall, diverting excess water, adjusting flow rates and so on. Water distributor with 1 inlet and two outlets. The 1½" inlet has hose connections from 3/4" - 2". Outlets: 2 x 1½" with multistage hose connections...
Was £50.99 Now £39.99
Oase Flow Regulator Incl. Hosetails 1½in
Oase Flow Regulator Incl. Hosetails 1 1/2" For smooth adjustment of the water flow, equipped with 2 multistage hosetails for hose sizes of 1" to 1 1/2".
Was £36.99 Now £24.99