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Kusuri Biobalance
Kusuri Biobalance
Kusuri Biobalance Biobalance raises carbonate alkalinity, raises KH and stabilises pH swings. Kusuri Biobalance is a natural mineral powder that will raise carbonate alkalinity (KH), raise pH and assist in stabilising pH swings. Biobalance is a high grade pure carbonate with essential elements and dosed on a weekly basis will improve your water quality. Once you have the desired KH level...
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NT Labs Koi Care - Mediclay
NT Labs Koi Care - Mediclay When to use? Use as a weekly additive to re-mineralise pond water to control the build up of organic waste, bacteria and pollutants which cause bacterial infections and ill health. Mediclay stimulates the biological system in favour of beneficial bacteria helping to reduce algae. Mediclay will also “polish” the water resulting in amazing clarity...
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Kusuri Klay
Kusuri Klay A unique, high purity, Calcium Montmorillonite clay which remineralises water, improves water clarity, Koi colour and lustre, aids health, stimulates appetite. Kusuri Klay mimics the natural mud pond environment where high quality Koi are traditionally bred and grown on during the summer months. Kusuri Klay is a pure mineral, free of any chemicals, phosphates and base metals....
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FOK Bio Factor VL Powder
FOK Bio Factor VL Powder
F.O.K Bio Factor VL PowderJapan's best-selling water additive will improve water clarity and quality. Notable effects include improvement in fish appetite, and in young Koi it strengthens bones and scales.Bio Factor contains 5 different types of bacteria, which helps to reduce pond debris, while multi-vitamins and photosynthetic bacteria help produce a clearer pond environment.The product can be added...