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JPD Shogun Koi Food
JPD Shogun Koi Food
JPD Shogun Koi Food SHOGUN has superior digestibility in low temperatures and can be used all season. SHOGUN is specially formulated, using high quality ingredients, for the maintenance of healthy Koi. SHOGUN is manufactured to maintain its shape and not to cloud the water. SHOGUN is formula contains high quality fish meals, which Koi find very palatable Available in Medium...
Kusuri Multi-Season Koi Food
Kusuri Multi-Season Koi Food Features This food is superb! The most versatile of our foods, rapidly gaining a deserved reputation for amazingly low waste production. Wheat flour is a major carbohydrate constituent in many pelleted foods, and is almost impossible for the Koi to digest. This food has been specifically formulated to remove all wheat flour, allowing greater pellet digestibility...
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Kusuri Staple Koi Food
Kusuri Staple Koi Food Description Kusuri Staple Ornamental Food is a high quality floating pellet food, containing all of the necessary ingredients for healthy cold water fish including Koi. This food can be mixed with any of the Kusuri food range, to vary the diet of your fish. Feeding Instructions Feed this complete food sparingly below 10°C (50°F), twice daily....
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Migotona Sinking Koi Food
Migotona Sinking Koi Food 6mm Migotona - Amazing Koi Food is our own Koi Logic brand that has been developed in order to increase the digestibility of the food in Koi. For Koi to grow and develop from feeding a high quality feed is required with some important factors taken in to account. The starch in Migotona Sinking Food is pre-gelatinised and so it can be optimally used as an energy...
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Saki Hikari - Multi Season
Saki Hikari - Multi Season
Saki Hikari - Multi Season A daily diet for show koi offering superior assimilation, growth & color-enhancing properties even in the colder weather months. Features: Manufactured to our exacting standards offering benefits not available with standard cooler weather koi diets. Contains easily digested ingredients, including a select portion of the wheat germ kernel, which...