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Bactogel - Filter Bacteria
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Bactogel - Filter Bacteria
Pond Support Bacto Gel Bacto gel is comprised of living bacteria especially developed for the start up and maintenance of biological filtration through a nitrification effect, rendering harmful substances safe. Bacto Gel is developed especially for filter systems, the gel formulation allows bacteria to adhere to the filtration media more effectively than liquid alternatives. Bacto Gel shortens the...


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Pro Line Aqua - Active Lacto Bac
Pro Line Aqua - Active Lacto Bac Contains, among other things, enzymes. minerals. probiotics. lactic acids. ferment. trace elements. vitamins and essential amino acids. It can prevent fungal infections. fin rot and many bacterial infections. Wounds or damage can heal and recover faster and scar tissue is kept to a minimum. The water is brought into balance by adding lactic acid bacteria. Stabilizes...
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Microbe-Lift Super Start - Bead Filter Bacteria
Microbe-Lift Super Start - Bead Filter Bacteria
MICROBE-LIFT SUPER START - (BEAD)FILTER BACTERIA Specially formulated for all biological (bead)filters. Like most types of mechanical/biological filters, beadfilters rely on the use of a media that provides a high surface area/volume ratio. This allows for support of the necessary amount of biomass, in the form of a biofilm, to properly remove organic and inorganic waste from the water. Within the...

Microbe-Lift Filtergel
MICROBE-LIFT FILTERGELMicrobe-Lift Filter Gel is a technological breakthrough because it's the first product that puts the bacteria right where you want it and it STAYS THERE! Filter Gel will quickly attach to and populate any filter media including foam, strapping, floss, bio-balls, ceramic media, etc. This will help to rapidly establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize...
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NT Labs Koi Care - Filter Bugs
NT Labs Koi Care - Filter Bugs When to use? Use when establishing a new filter, at the beginning of the pond season in spring, or when ammonia or nitrite are elevated. Filter Bugs is an easy-to use liquid formulation, containing a blend of Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Nitrospira and supporting bacterial cultures.These bacteria will repopulate your filter with nitrifying organisms to ensure...
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NT Labs - Mature - Live Filter Aid
Pond Aid Mature - Live Filter BacteriaUse weekly for a healthy ammonia/nitrite free pond. Establishes new filter, removes sludge from older ponds. Use in new or cleaned filter or in spring time for quick start.Dosage250 ml treats 4546 litres (1000 gallons)
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Microbe-Lift Nutripack
Microbe-Lift Nutripack
MICROBE-LIFT NUTRIPACKLike all living organisms, the beneficial micro-organisms in MICROBE-LIFT and other MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products needs minerals and essential trace elements in order to function optimally. While only required in very small amouns, if lacking, these micro nutrients can reduce the benefits you realise from any bacterial additives you use as well as any indigenous benefical micro-organisms...

Cloverleaf Bacteria Answer
Cloverleaf Bacteria Answer 1LBacteria Answer is a unique blend of nitrifying bacteria to promote healthy filtration systems.Nitrifying bacteria are vital for the establishment of a healthy balanced pond, and are a key contributor towards the development of a mature filtration system. Achieving such balance in a new fish pond is problematical, but Cloverleaf™s "Bacteria Answer" is the safe way to...
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