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Oase Aquaskim 20
Oase Aquaskim 20
Oase Aquaskim 20 - Powerful suction of pond surfaces up to 20m2 - The result is clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through direct suction removal of pollutants on the surface - Base with large surface receptacle shell for rocks as ballast - AquaSkim 20 - ideal for use on the AquaMax Eco Premium 4000-8000 - Easy maintenance with easily accessible coarse debris basket - Debris basket...
Oase AquaSkim 40
Oase AquaSkim 40
Oase Aquaskim 40 The Oase Aquaskim massively reduce pond maintenance and improve water quality and clarity. The skimmer removes floating debris. This debris breaks down biologically to sludge which in turn acts as food for algae, such as green water or blanketweed. Product Information - A two-part telescopic tube is fully height adjustable. - Telescopic from 50-80cm. - Highly stable foot with...

Oase SwimSkim 25
Oase SwimSkim 25 Pond Skimmer Pond Skimmer cleans surface debris off the top of your pond. Bestselling pond skimmer from market leader Oase. The skimmer floats on the surface of the pond and the suction action of its in-built pump pulls leaves, pollen and other debris into an easy-clean basket. The skimmer is powered by an integral 2500lph re-circulating pump which means it can keep a large area...
Was £189.99 Now £134.99
Oase SwimSkim 50
Oase Swimskim 50 (formally CWS) Skim surface debris off the top of your pond. The successful SwimSkim concept has been consistently further developed: The big brother of the multi-talented SwimSkim 25 now keeps pond surfaces up to 50 m2 free of leaves, pollen, or similar particles. Thanks to the innovative whirlpool function of the SwimSkim 50, contaminants on the pond floor are stirred up and...
Was £354.99 Now £254.99