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The Koi Doctor (Marten Laamens)
The Koi Doctor The Koi Doctor is an essential overview of all aspects of koi keeping. This guide is intended for hobbyists who care deeply about their ornamental fish. The innumerable tips in this book are indispensable for anyone who wants to keep their Koi in the best conditions possible. The Koi Doctor enlists and describes the most common problems in Koi keeping and presents simple solutions...
Was £44.83 Now £39.99
Koi Crazy by Peter Waddington
"Koi Crazy Book" by Peter Waddington This book "Koi Crazy" was written between 2005 to 2008 and the information within is as up-to-date as is possible for the hobby of keeping Koi in 2009. The contents page of the book gives a brief outline of all topics covered and the 11 chapters listed below have been written to detail, in full, every aspect of each topic. Peter Waddington...
Was £33.62 Now £29.99

Yamakoshimura by Peter Waddington
Yamakoshimura by Peter Waddington
Yamakoshimura by Peter Waddington This handbook, "Yamakoshimura" produced in 2008, is intended to be a very comprehensive guide to all Koi enthusiasts worldwide if they are considering visiting this area. It is also written to give vital information on every page to those who have already made their first visit/s and may be still confused in some areas. For others, who do not...
Was £20.17 Now £19.50