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Blagdon Barley Straw Pond BaleBlagdon Barley Straw Pond Bale
Blagdon Barley Straw Pond Bale
Blagdon Barley Straw Pond Bale Clear away ugly algae, green water and blanket weed with this natural product Clearing green water or cotton wool like green string algae (blanket weed) in the pond environment Key features: For the treatment of string algae, green water and blanket weed in ponds Pet and wildlife safe Fish and plant friendly 100% natural Product...
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer All Season
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer All Season Blanket Answer All Season is a unique formula which succeeds where many commercial bacteria cultures will fail. No need to switch off UV. Blanket Answer All Season is safe for all pond fish, plants and biological filtration systems. Dosage: 10g to 125 litres. The enclosed scoop will treat 400 litres or 90 gallons. The dosage can be increased with...


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Kusuri Powder Gold
Kusuri Powder Gold A powder treatment that can be used at all temperatures to eradicate string algae and blanketweed. How To Use: Fill a clean watering can with approximately 10 litres (2 gallon) of pond water. Add correct dosage. Stir well and distribute evenly over the surface of the pond. If present, switch off UV clarifier for up to seven days after treatment for maximum effect...
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Microbe-Lift Barley Extract
Microbe-Lift Barley Extract
Microbe-Lift Barley Extract Microbe Lift Barley Straw Extract is a liquid concentrate barley straw extract specifically formulated to naturally balance pond water and improve clarity. Goes to work on contact, decomposition begins immediately, no messy residual. One bottle is equal to multiple barley straw bales. Microbe Lift Barley Straw Extract is a liquid extract of barley straw is an...

Microbe-Lift Phosphate Remover
MICROBE-LIFT PHOSPHATE REMOVER The ultimate remedy in phosphate removal for fresh water. Use Microbe-Lift / Phosphate Remover for starting up a new pond. this guarantees low phosphate concentrations. To clear the pond from phosphate successfully, it is necessary to use Phosphate Remover regularly in new or existing mature ponds. MICROBEL-LIFT/ POND PHOSPHATE REMOVER is a polymeric blend with outstanding...
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Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water
Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water A unique, worldwide patented bio-product consisting of bacteria cultured on barley straw, enzymes and activated barley straw. NO MESS, NO MEASURING, NO ALGICIDES, NO OVERDOSING, NO GREENWATER. Directions Simply drop one water-soluble sachet of Nishikoi® Goodbye Green water into the pond or filter every week. One water-soluble sachet treats ponds...
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NT Labs - Algae Stopperz - Barley Straw Pellets
NT Labs - Algae Stopperz - Barley Straw Pellets Barley Straw pellets for natural prevention of algae and blanket weed. No mess, no trouble blanket weed or algae . Pond Aid Algae Stopperz - Barley Straw Pellets will clear and control algae (green water), Blanket weed, Thread Weed and Duck Weed. NT Labs - Pond Aid Algae Stopperz - Barley Straw Pellets are safe with all Pond Fish, Sturgeon...
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NT Labs - Aquaclear - Algae & Blanketweed Control
NT Labs - Aquaclear - Algae & Blanketweed Control Aquaclear is used for the control of algae and blanket weed in ponds. Restricts growth using a UV screening, faint blue dye. Harmless to wildlife, plants, pondlife and pets. Sunlight, shining onto the water supplied the energy for algae and blanket weed to grow. Shading the water reduces the amount of light available and, therefore,...
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NT Labs - Barley Straw Pouches
Pond Aid Barley Straw Pouches for Ponds & Koi PondsBarley straw pouches are the natural and effective way to control green water algae in garden ponds. Completely harmless to pets, wildlife and ponds, Barley Straw for ponds restricts the speed at which algae and blanketweed grows in pond water, leading to a clearer pond. NT Labs were the first company in the UK to market this method of algae removal...
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NT Labs - Barleyclear - Barley Straw Extract
Pond Aid Barleyclear - Barley Straw Extract From NT Labs.Barleyclear is a liquid extract and works in a similar way to Barley Straw Pouches.It inhibits the growth of green algae and blanket weed when added regularly to pond water, it starts to work as soon as it is added to the water.Pond Aid Barleyclear Dosage:250 ml treats 4550 litres (1000 gallons)
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NT Labs - Magiclear - Clears Green & Cloudy Water
NT Labs Pond Aid MagiclearFor a crystal clear pond. Flocculates particles in water assisting in filtration, improving clarity rapidly. Harmless to fish and plants.Magiclear safely removes suspended solids from the pond water leaving the water crystal clear. Magiclear causes particles in the water to clump together and settle to the bottom.If a pumped filter is in use the clumps will be removed by the...
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Pond Log-Flocculant/Phosphate RemoverPond Log-Flocculant/Phosphate Remover
Pond Log-Flocculant/Phosphate Remover
Pond Log-Flocculant/Phosphate Remover Pond Logs, and Pond Zingers are designed to work in flowing conditions. As water moves over and around the log, it slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the water column causing excess inanimate nutrients, such as phosphorous, to bind together. As they bind together, the particulate gets heavier and heavier and then settles to the bottom of...
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Pond Zinger
Pond Zinger -Flocculant/Phosphate Remover The Pond Zinger is a pond clarification product designed and formulated for ponds. It is made of safe, non toxic polymers and safely removes algae from ponds, creating a healthy ecosystem with clean, clear, beautiful water where aquatic life can thrive. Attached to a fountain, venturi, aerator, steps of waterfall or at the return of a filter system;...


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RP Pond Reactor
RP Pond Reactor RP Aquatics POND REACTOR is a unique multi-functional Aquatic product, designed for water purification. Ready to plumb & play, with 6 Ammonia PODS included. RP Aquatics Ammonia Block Ammonia Block eradicates poisonous ammonia infinitely quicker than any other product on the market. New Ponds can be stocked immediately without the fear of an ammonia spike...
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