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Kusuri Koi Sedate
Kusuri Koi Sedate
Kusuri Koi Sedate For euthanasia and the sedation of fish. Kusuri Koi Sedate can be used to sedate your Koi but should only be used as a dip treatment. For use only with Koi Carp. How To Use: Use 10ml per 9 litres of pond water. Fill a suitable bowl with enough water to cover the fish. Add measured dosage of Koi Sedate, and aerate with an air stone. Place fish in bowl until it...
NT Labs Koi Care - Koi Calm
NT Labs Koi Care - Koi Calm When to use? Use Koi Calm to make it easier to handle sick or injured fish in order to apply topical treatment. How to use? Have everything ready to carry out the procedure on the fish. Catch the fish from your pond using a suitable fish catching net, then use a transfer tube to lift the fish from the net to the bowl of sedate. Add the correct...
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