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Microbe-Lift Natural-Clear
MICROBE-LIFT NATURAL-CLEAR MICROBE-LIFT NATURAL-CLEAR targets unwanted organic waste. This beneficial, microbial treatment was designed specifically for the removal of waste matter, such as: bird and animal waste; human waste; body oils; and wind blown organic material that can pollute swimming ponds. The bio enzymatic, environmentally-friendly waste degrading action works fast and effectively...
Was £83.99 Now £74.99
Microbe-Lift Natural Algae Control
MICROBE-LIFT Natural Algae Control MICROBE-LIFT Natural Algae Control for Swimming Ponds, is a liquid barley extract formulated for the natural control of unwanted algae in natural swim ponds environments. MICROBE-LIFT®/Natural Algae Control works by binding excessive nutrients that exist in natural ponds as a result of organic waste by-products. For centuries, barley straw has been used...
Was £83.99 Now £74.99

Microbe-Lift Natural Sludge Reducer
MICROBE-LIFT Natural Sludge Reducer MICROBE-LIFT Natural Sludge Reducer for Swimming Ponds is a 100% natural liquid derived from humus-based materials. This novel formulation is a soil science created to stimulate the natural process of organic water purification via rapid bio-enzymatic breakdown and the removal of slow-to-degrade organic bottom solids, materials and muck. This technology...
Was £83.99 Now £74.99
Microbe-Lift Natural Complete Kit
MICROBE LIFT NATURAL COMPLETE KIT The water quality of on-site swimming features can now be enhanced by the use of modern microbial technologies that safely and effectively remove waste pollutants. Our water clarification process relies on modern biology to naturally enhance and restore water quality. Over a period of time, this safe, effective and environmentally-friendly process features bio-enzymatic...
Was £219.10 Now £195.99