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Kusuri Dechlorinator
Kusuri Dechlorinator Kusuri Dechlorinator removes Chlorine, Chloramines, heavy metals, such as Zinc and Lead from mains tap water. Kusuri Dechlorinator removes these unwanted potentially toxic substances. Kusuri Dechlorinator can also be used when moving fish in transportation bags or isolation tanks whether in tap water or not. Directions: Measure correct dose for the volume...
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Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme
Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme
Microbe-Lift AQUA XTREME Microbe-Lift AQUA EXTREME is a convenient liquid, single-phase, full-function water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in koi and goldfish ponds. Microbe-Lift AQUA XTREME should be used when: conditioning new water for ponds; adding (or prior to adding) water, new fish or plants to ponds; and transporting koi and goldfish. It is very...
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NT Labs - Aquasure - Tap Water Chlorine Remover
NT Labs - Aquasure - Tap Water Chlorine Remover Tap water can contain a variety of chemicals which may be harmful to fish if added to a pond. The most important of these is chlorine which is added to the supply after work has been done on the distribution pipes. Chlorine reacts with nitrogen in the water to form chloramines which is much longer laster lasting and can reach further away...
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NT Labs Koi Care - Chlor-Go
NT Labs Koi Care- Chlor-Go When to use? When filling or topping up your pond with tap water. Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals which are harmful to fish. These require neutralising for the water to be safe for fish. Chlor-Go rapidly turns tap water into fish-safe pond water, and should be used for all water changes. Additionally, Chlor-Go can be...
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Oase Proficlear Guard Auto Top Up System
Oase Proficlear Guard - Automatic Pond Top Up Refill System The ProfiClear Guard from Oase provides an electronically controlled, automatic water top-up system to maintain a stable water level in ponds, decorative fountains and water features. The system will automatically replenish water lost due to evaporation keeping the pond or water feature looking their best and functioning at the optimum...
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