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Velda Floating Skimmer with PumpVelda Floating Skimmer with Pump
Velda Floating Skimmer with Pump
Velda Floating Skimmer with PumpAn important but very often forgotten piece of equipment when it comes to pond construction is the Surface Skimmer - but don't worry VELDA have the answer. Velda Pond Skimmer brand new and boxed floating skimmer which can be installed in minutes. The Velda pond skimmer is designed to skim, or pull off floating debris, foam bubbles and dust from the surface of your pond...
£84.99 inc VAT
Velda Pond Skimmer - Filter Foam (Round)
Velda Pond Skimmer - Filter Foam (Round)
Replacement Filter foam for the Velda Pond Skimmer
£8.99 inc VAT
Velda Duo Pond ToolVelda Duo Pond Tool
Velda Duo Pond Tool
Velda Duo Pond Tool Pond tongs and scissors in one! To keep the pond in good condition, regular maintenance is necessary. Died off parts of plants, twigs that have been blown in the water and the like should be removed from the pond at once. Especially to this end Velda has created a two-in-one tool: the Duo Pond Tool, which allows trimming of plants and by putting up two claws plant trimmings can...
£29.99 inc VAT
Velda Pond Brush
Velda Pond Brush
Velda Pond Brush With the lapse of time pond sides will often show a thick layer of dirt and algae. This does not look nice and gives an untidy impression of the pond. To keep these pond sides clean Velda introduces a pond brush that has been developed especially for this purpose. The hairs of the brush are flexible, though sufficiently strong to remove dirt and algae easily and without much effort....
£21.99 inc VAT
Velda Cloth Liner
Velda Cloth Liner
Inlay cloths for plastic plant baskets Inlay cloths of Velda are used in combination with plastic plant baskets. They prevent the soil from being rinsed out and the roots from growing rank. The cloths are made from durable material so that they can be used for many years. Available in 60x60cm and 90x90cm
from £1.49 inc VAT
Velda Floating Island - SquareVelda Floating Island - Square
Velda Floating Island - Square
Floating Plant Island Floating and linkable Plant Islands With the help of these floating linkable planting baskets you can create a marsh or add an impressive island to your pond. The baskets, which are equipped with styrofoam floating rings, can be linked together mutually and can be applied in any random place on the water surface. This will produce a fascinating effect, even in those places where...
£7.99 inc VAT
Velda Overgrowing MatVelda Overgrowing Mat
Velda Overgrowing Mat
Velda Overgrowing mat Natural connection Using this overgrowing mat, you will make a splendid connection between the pond edge and the water of the pond. The mat contains many indentations in which marsh plants can be put. In this way you will realise a naturally grown overgrown connection between the water surface and the pond edge. Including 5 fastening pins
£14.99 inc VAT
Velda Plant BasketVelda Plant Basket
Velda Plant Basket
Velda Plant Basket Meant to set pond plants, the plant baskets of Velda have been made of finely-woven and very durable material. Owing to the flexibility of the material the baskets can be placed stably on nearly any subsoil. They prevent the roots from rank, whereas their porosity is still large.
from £1.25 inc VAT
Velda Plant SockVelda Plant Sock
Velda Plant Sock
Velda Plant Sock For planting edges and curves The Velda Plant Sock has a very finely-woven structure and it is very strong, as a result of which the roots of the pond plants can not start growing rank and the pond soil will not flush away. The Plant Sock is suitable for all kinds of pond plants. Owing to the flexibility of the woven material the sock can be placed on almost any base.
£6.49 inc VAT
Velda Brilliant Pyramid
Velda Brilliant Pyramid
Velda Brilliant Pyramid - Heron deterrent The growing heron population is an increasing problem for lovers of ponds. An adult heron has no difficulty swallowing a fish of 30 to 35 cm. If the heron is successful, it will come back till it has fished out the pond. The Velda Brilliant Pyramid offers the perfect solution for the heron problem. The pyramid which is floating on the water surface shines,...
£6.99 inc VAT
Velda Heron StopVelda Heron Stop
Velda Heron Stop
Velda Heron Stop Will protect your pond against herons By stretching a line along the pond side, which is invisible for herons, the access to the pond will be blocked. The ringing noise of the little bells will prevent a heron from making another attempt. The line can be applied simply and nearly invisibly. The length of the line is sufficient to protect ponds with a circumference of 12.5 metres....
£19.99 inc VAT
Velda Pond ProtectorVelda Pond Protector
Velda Pond Protector
Velda Pond Protector Keeps away unwanted visitors from your pond Velda introduces a new, quite efficient method to keep herons and cats away from a pond. By stretching harmless electric fence, herons are prevented from approaching a pond and from catching valuable fish from that pond. The transformer gives off a low voltage (and harmless) electric pulse to the fence round the pond. When they touch...
£66.99 inc VAT
Velda Pond Protector -  Extension set
Velda Pond Protector - Extension set
Velda Pond Protector - Extension set Increases the size of your Pond Protector for larger ponds.
£29.99 inc VAT
Velda Trendy Pond 50cmVelda Trendy Pond 50cm
Velda Trendy Pond 50cm
Trendy Pond outdoor 50cm After the great success of the Trendy Ponds, there is a new design now: smart and sturdy! Besides, the coloured materials have been attuned to the latest trends for autumn and spring. The colourful Trendy Ponds outdoor, made from outdoor textiles will provide the right atmosphere in the garden, balcony or indoors throughout the year. Great if you have a balcony or patio garden....
£29.99 inc VAT
Velda Fish Net - Round 35cmVelda Fish Net - Round 35cm
Velda Fish Net - Round 35cm
Velda Round Fish Net (46cm) with telescopic pole up to 180cm The nets have been incorporated in the frame in a special and invisible way. In this way a very good connection has been obtained between the material of the net and the frame, which implies that damage to the net is a thing of the past. The length of the handle is 180 cm.
£33.99 inc VAT
Velda Floating Fish DomeVelda Floating Fish Dome
Velda Floating Fish Dome
Velda Floating Fish Dome More and more, people are coming to see that pond fish are social animals, and that interaction goes much further than just throwing a handful of feed into the pond and observing the fish. Watching your fish becomes a unique experience with this floating perspex transparent ball in the pond. The fish come and take a peek in the ball regularly, and that produces fantastic...
£89.95 inc VAT

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