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NT Labs Permanganate Dip
Powerful Parasite, Fungus and Bacterial Bath Treatment
A dip treatment for Koi and other pond fish. active against parasite, fungus and bacteria, Permanganate Dip also cleans the water by destroying dissolved organic material.
In the process, the active permanganate is also destroyed, making the water brown instead of pink.
For this reason we advise the use of this product as a dip where the concentrated solution is diluted in clean water and, therfore, retains its strength throughout the treatment time.
As a dip it is excellent at cleaning ulcers and wounds and destroying any parasites and bacteria which may be eating away at the wound
During the dip treatment any Argulus fish lice will drop off the fish, thus removing another source of stress and illness.
The long term bath treatment of 3 ppm is close to the toxic level for fish and, if the water is clean and free from organic matter (unlikely in a normal pond), it is possible to overdose. If fish become stressed whilst being treated, milk can be added to the water to reduce the permanganate level. Hydrogeon peroxide can also be used and will provide extra oxygen as well.
These are other reasons for preferring the dip treatment.
When added to the pond at 1 ppm, permanganate Dip will reduce the organic load in the water making more oxygen available for the fish by reducing the chemical oxygen demand of the water
The skin of the fish under dip treatment may appear brown, this is because the mucus on the skin has neutralised some of the permanganate. It is harmless and will soon disappear.
Add 10ml to 88 gallons (400 litres for a 1 ppm pond cleaning treatment.
add 10ml to 9 gallons (40 litres) for a 10 ppm 30 minute bath treatment.

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NT Labs - Permanganate

NT Labs - Permanganate
NT Labs - PermanganateNT Labs - PermanganateNT Labs - Permanganate

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