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Nitrate Resin
The ultimate weapon against blanket weed! Unique nitrate selection ion exchange resin which only remove nitrate.

Even when the Nitrate level is very low, no other substances which could lower pH value (like calcium sulphate) are removed. This in comparison with other nitrate resins, which are know for years in the aquarium world.

Size: 0.4 - 0.6mm resin beads

The way it works: The Nitrate ions are exchanged against harmless chloride ions.

Advantage of this resin against conventional resins for nitrate removal:

1) High capacity, even at high sulphate concentrations
2) Amount of sulphate ions in the water remain at the same level
3) No significant change in pH value
4) Easy to regenerate with salt

Dosage: 1 litre can remove 30grms/litre nitrate.

Instruction: Place the bag in the biological filter so that water passes through it completely or put in a separate filter bay and let the water run through it in a by-pass with a flow of around 5000 litres/hour. The lifespan of the resin is about 15 years but by means of organic pollution of the porous resin, the actual lifespan will be around 5 years.

The lifespan can be extended by generating the resin once a year in hot saltwater solition (50 degrees C)

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Nitrate Resin - Blanket Weed Control

Nitrate Resin - Blanket Weed Control

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