Ogata 4th Annual Spring Auction & Tategoi Sale 2018

Ogata 4th Annual Spring Auction & Tategoi Sale 2018

James will be attending and bidding on koi at the Ogata 4th Spring Auction on Wednesday 7th March as the UK sole agent to the Ogata Koi Farm.

The koi that will be auctioned are 1 year olds and some 2 year olds. The quality this year is exceptional.

There will also be the annual sale for Tategoi Tosai (1 year old with high potential) from Thursday 8th March.

The auction koi can be viewed here: http://www.htk-net.co.jp/ogt_kfm/auction/carp_view.php. Members of the public are not permitted to participate in the auction as it is trade only, so we will bid on our customers' behalf.

If you are interested in any of the koi in the auction catalogue or are looking for something in particular from the Tategoi sale, please contact us by phone or email and we will discuss your requirements. Due to time differences in Japan, we would need to be able to know your requirements before Monday 5th March.

1st March 2018

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