Minerals & Clays

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Lincs Fish Health - EnvirexA product which is a combination of naturally occuring substances harnessed to benefit all ponds. Works quickly to lower ammonia and nitrite. It can also balance fluctuations in acidity and alkalinity.New pond dose: 80gms per 1000 gallonsMature pond dose: 40gms per 1000 gallons.Maintenance Dose 5gms per 1000 gallons should be added every 3 to 4 days.
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FOK Bio Factor VL Powder
FOK Bio Factor VL Powder
F.O.K Bio Factor VL PowderJapan's best-selling water additive will improve water clarity and quality. Notable effects include improvement in fish appetite, and in young Koi it strengthens bones and scales.Bio Factor contains 5 different types of bacteria, which helps to reduce pond debris, while multi-vitamins and photosynthetic bacteria help produce a clearer pond environment.The product can be added...
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Kusuri Klay
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NT Labs - Mediclay
NT Labs - Mediclay
NT Labs - Mediclay - High Purity - Improves Appetite of Koi - Reduces Algae and Clears Water Pure high-grade ultra fine powdered montmorillonite revitaliser clay. NT Labs Koi Care Mediclay controls the waste build up of bacteria, algae and pollutants in favour of nitrifiers. Clears water, improves health, appetite and reduces algae in Koi ponds. Use weekly to keep the water crystal clear or daily...
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Refresh Powder
Refresh Powder
Refresh PowderRefresh powder is used for improving the white skin and strong colours particularly red and black (sumi). Refresh is also a fantastic way in improving the water quality if used on a regular basis. Water treated with Refresh actually adds a sparkle and improved clarity to the water. Full of minerals and essential vitamins for growth and healthy Koi. DosageAdd 62 grams to 220 gallons
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