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Yamitsu Kintama Black Bio Ring
Yamitsu Kintama Black Bio Ring Kintama Product Focus: Kintama black is made in a unique way allowing bacteria to not only cultivate bacteria on the outside of this media in the more traditional way but also in the inside of the media, this is a similar process to the very popular glass filter media Crystal Bio which has a super inter-connecting cell structure. Kintama Product...
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Yamitsu Kintama Gold Bio Balls
Yamitsu Kintama Gold Bio Balls Kintama Product focus: Kintama is a new bio filter media with an incredible capacity for holding beneficial bacteria. This helps prevent growth of algae and helps stabilize PH levels in ponds. This high level of bacterial mass which builds up on the Kintama Gold Balls can also rapidly reduce harmful ammonia and nitrite levels in the pond water. Kintama...
Was £48.99 Now from £37.99