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PVC High Pressure - Spigot - Glue x Female Thread
PVC High Pressure - Solvent Spigot / Female Thread Specifications Solvent Spigot to Female Thread
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Male Thread Hosetail - White 1½"
Hosetail - White 1½in Thread - 1½in Tail

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PVC Imperial - Spigot Bulkhead/Nut Connector
PVC High Pressure - Spigot Bulkhead Connector Specification: One end spigot solvent the other end is male thread Suitability Imperial Threaded Bulkhead Connector for making connections through plastic/fibreglass tanks
Ball Valve - Single Union
Ball Valve - Single Union
Ball Valve - Single Union - Imperial Pressure These single union ball valves are of the highest quality and tightest ball tolerance available. Ideal for controlling water flow to filters, either side of equipment like external pond pumps, UV clarifiers ect. Note To accept Solvent Waste Black Pipe these Double Union Ball Valves require reducer sleeves. No sleeves are required for Imperial Pressure...

BSP Female Thread x Hosetail
BSP Male Thread Nipples

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BSP Male/Female Thread Reducing Nipples
BSP Male to Female Reducing Nipple Used for attached smaller/larger female thread fittings to male thread fittings

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