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PVC High Pressure - Spigot - Glue x Female Thread
PVC High Pressure - Solvent Spigot / Female Thread Specifications Solvent Spigot to Female Thread
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Male Thread Hosetail - White 1½"
Hosetail - White 1½in Thread - 1½in Tail

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PVC Imperial - Spigot Bulkhead/Nut Connector
PVC High Pressure - Spigot Bulkhead Connector Specification: One end spigot solvent the other end is male thread Suitability Imperial Threaded Bulkhead Connector for making connections through plastic/fibreglass tanks
BSP Female Thread x Hosetail

BSP Male Thread Nipples
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BSP Male/Female Thread Reducing Nipples
BSP Male to Female Reducing Nipple Used for attached smaller/larger female thread fittings to male thread fittings

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