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Blagdon Powersafe Circuit
Blagdon Powersafe Circuit
Blagdon Circuit BreakerThe Blagdon Circuit Breaker is a simple and easy to use Powersafe Water Garden Circuit Breaker provides you with peace of mind when working with electrical items around your pond.Simply plug this circuit breaker into the socket and then plug in your appliance. 25 milliamp trip current activation provides early warning of pond equipment failure.Product characteristics at a glance...
£17.49 inc VAT
Blagdon Powersafe SwitchboxesBlagdon Powersafe Switchboxes
Blagdon Powersafe Switchboxes
Blagdon Powersafe SwitchboxesBlagdon Powersafe Electrical Switch Boxes. A complete re-design ensures that the new range of Powersafe switch boxes are not only the best quality switch boxes on the market with unique innovative features, but also the best value. The Blagdon Powersafe Boxes come in 4 different sizes, from having just 2 outlets to 5 outlets depending on the size purchased. Product characteristics...
from £44.99 inc VAT