Roto Concept Shower

The Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ is of a truly unique design, and by using the latest British manufacturing techniques to produce each Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ every Koi Keeper can now benefit from this advanced new concept.
Quite simply, the Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ is the future of Koi pond filtration, today.


The Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ is manufactured from Polyethylene which has thermal retentive properties. This is further improved by the inclusion as standard of a high quality well fitted Polyethylene lid, an essential part of any serious Koi Pond Filter, often overlooked by other manufacturers.

The Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ includes 200 litres of high quality Crystal Bio glass filter media. Crystal Bio is a unique, eco-friendly glass media, heated in excess of 900°C, creating a hyper-connecting glass cell structure.
This produces media with a surface-area at least ten times greater than most well known plastic alternatives.

The Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ with patent pending features has been designed with the serious Koi Keeper in mind. The unique Roto Gravity Shower Flow Valve™ system allows for the Roto Concept Gravity Shower™to be installed gravity fed, unlike all other showers on the market, that are pump fed only, This allows Koi Keepers for the first time, the ability to install a shower filter out of sight as if it were any regular gravity fed fillter, truly an incredible Concept.


A large vortex allowing for mechanical settlement of solid waste, with a hassle free, less than 30 second cleaning process, allows the Koi Keeper more time to enjoy their pond and Koi and less time worrying about filter maintenance.
With 200 litres of Crystal Bio glass media included with the Roto Concept Gravity Shower™ there really is no competition in biological performance.

Compact well thought out design makes the Roto Concept Gravity Shower™easy to install with maximum biological capacity for minimum space required.
The only shower available you can connect direct to your bottom drain and feed by gravity. Can also be pumped fed if required.

The first true gravity shower Concept.  

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