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Over 5,000 fully quarantined Ogata Koi in stock. 

These Koi were hand picked on this year's buying trip to the Ogata Koi Farm, Japan. The Koi you are purchasing will come from this stock and WILL NOT come direct from the airport.

Please do not confuse these Koi with low grade Koi available from various companies on various auction websites. Ogata Koi are world renowned and many top Koi hobbyists own Ogata Koi. You will not be disappointed with any of the selections of Ogata Koi on offer by Koi Logic.

Ogata Premium Grade selections contain a good mix of healthy, bright, popular varieties of koi. These Koi will make a fantastic addition to any pond.

There are many varieties available to us from the Ogata Farm, view our information on Koi varieties here

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Click here to purchase Premium Ogata Koi