History of the Ogata Koi Farm

The farm started with 40 acres of land in 1972. The next year, one "Kohaku" and one "Taisho Sanshoku" spawned. We have exerted ourselves to expand the farming area, and increase production and qualities.

The number of farming areas is now eight with a total of 13 hectares. Every year, 30,000 selected yearlings out of 3,000,000 young fish, are produced. We are proud of the quality and splendid yield of "Nishikigoi".

In the meantime, we have established annual prize winning at the "All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show". One of our best Koi is the Grand Champion, "Beni Makio" of the 21st Show.

We have been providing one of the traditional Japanese beauties, the "Nishikigoi", to the world.

We engaged in exporting Nishikigoi in 1980. At that time, the main countries we exported our Koi to were Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and South East Asia in general. Since 1985, the amount of exporting Koi has been increasing. Now, we export our Koi not only to South East Asia but also to the U.K., Europe, America, and many other Countries.

The Koi from Ogata are always attracting people's eyes.

- Mr Ogata


The pictures below show the facilities at the Ogata Koi Farm, Japan. Koi Logic travel to the Ogata Koi Farm three to four times a year to hand select Japanese Ogata Koi from these facilities.


Ogata Koi House 1

Has 2 ponds x 70 tons (15,400 gallons) and 5 ponds x 10tons (2,200 gallons)
A rich variety of 2 and 3 years high quality koi are showed in this house at the sales season.

Ogata Koi House 2

Has 7 ponds x 50 tons (11,000 gallons) 3ponds x 15 tons (3,300 gallons). As for this green house, 2 years good and normal koi are kept for sale. Many Ogata dealers enjoy selecting koi in this house.  

Ogata Koi House 3

Has 5 ponds x 50 tons (11,000 gallons) 3 ponds x 15 tons (3,300 gallons). From autumn, Ogata keeps normal baby koi in this house and starts to sell them from winter. The size is 12-25cm and is an all variety mix. 

Ogata Koi House 4

Has 6 ponds x 10 tons (2,200 gallons) and 2 ponds x 40 tons (8,800 gallons). Koi that is purchased by dealers is put into this house till shipment. Here we prepare them for shipping

Ogata Koi House 5

Has 6 ponds x 50 tons (11,000 gallons). Koi fry are produced in this house during summer and Autumn. After the Autumn the good and high quality Koi are kept and are made available to sell in the following spring. 

Ogata Koi House 6

Has 10 ponds x 50 tons (11,000 gallons) and 8 ponds x 10 tons (2,200 gallons) Mr Ogata also breeds Koi fry in this house during summer and Autumn and Tategoi are kept in this house after Autumn.

Ogata Koi House 7 

Has 10 ponds x 50 tons (11,000 gallons) and  4 ponds x 10 tons (2,200 gallons) As for this green house, Mr Ogata breeds Koi fry during summer and Autumn. From Autumn, we put koi bought from Niigata for quarantine. And select through these Koi.

Ogata Koi House 8 

Has 1 pond x 250 tons (55,000 gallons) and 1 pond x 150 tons (33,000 gallons). 2 and 3 year old Tategoi are kept in this house from Autumn to the following spring. 3 and 4 year old koi are also kept here during the summer season. 

Ogata Fry Pond 1

Has 10 x ponds of 400 tons (88,000) and 2 x ponds of 250 tons (55,000 gallons). Mr Ogata keeps fry of Showa and Shiro in these ponds. 

Ogata Fry Pond 2

Has 8 x ponds of 1000 tons (220,000 gallons). Mr Ogata keeps fry of Sanke, Koromo and Goshiki in these ponds. 

Ogata Fry Pond 3

Has 10 ponds x 1,200 tons (315,000 gallons). Mr Ogata keeps Kohaku and Tancho in these ponds.

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