Spring Maintenance Tips

It may only be May but summer will be upon us very soon. A lot of our customers who come in store are asking about the best products for their spring maintenance and how to get their ponds back to pristine condition after the winter months. This contains just a few tips that will help you along to get your pond ready for summer.


Get rid of that Sludge and pond maintenance tips

There are many ways of removing the sludge build up from your pond, all of which are tried and tested. Here are a few of our products we recommend to get you started.

UV Clarifier maintenance

  • Your UV tubes should be changed every 6-12 months to keep your clarifiers performing at their highest capacity. Also, cleaning your quartz sleeve of algae and limescale will help maintain maximum efficiency.
  • We have a full range of UV tubes and spares for the most popular makes of UV Clarifiers including TMC and Yamitsu Algae Master UV's to assist with your UV maintenance.

Start getting your Koi onto growth food and treat them a little

Now that your pond is above 10°C, you can start to feed your Koi on higher protein foods. Our best recommendation is the food we use to feed our own Koi - Ogata Special Regular or Ogata Special Performance diet. The Performance diet contains 10% Spirulina for colour enhancement. Ogata Special is the best value Japanese Koi breeders food in the UK.

Think about treating your koi with high protein treats too - watch your Koi play with and nibble at Shrimp Balls, not to mention our great value Meal WormsRiver Shrimp and 2 for £20 offer on our Silkworm Pupae. These treats will energise your Koi and are great for colour enhancement and skin quality.

Heron Scarers

Hungry herons are always about... We have a large range of Heron Deterrents in stock, ranging from a reflective spinner or ball with the scary, Eagle eye to the Pond Guard Shuffle emitting light and sound (inaudible to humans) to deter not only herons but other unwanted animals from your garden. They are proving very popular so it's worth giving them a try.


Don't forget we have the best online & instore prices on ball valves and PVC pressure pipe and fittings in the UK. If you're doing any pipework maintenance to your pond, be sure to check out our prices, we have 1000's of fittings in stock.


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@koilogic.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you both online and instore over the coming months. Best wishes for the new season!

14th May 2014

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