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Enviro ET Series Air Pump
Enviro ET Series Air Pump
Enviro ET Series Air Pumps The Enviro ET Series Air Pumps are linear diaphragm pumps. Quiet and vibration free. Suitable for running continuously and are weatherproof. Maintenance required on the Enviro ET air pumps is a simple change to the filter. ET30/ET40/ET60/ET80/ET100/ET120/ET150/ET200 - Green drive technology - energy efficient motors low power consumption. - Specially formulated diaphragm...
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Hailea V Series Air PumpsHailea V Series Air Pumps
Hailea V Series Air Pumps
Hailea V-30 Air Pump - Super silent power air pump - Adopts high quality aluminum alloy to make its case. It adopts double damping system and noise-absorbing system. - It is highly efficient, energy saving, low in noise and safe. - Double air chamber structure to produce large quantity of air and strong air pressure.It can work steadily and continuously. Power: 25 watts Voltage: 110 - 115/220...
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Hi-Blow Air Pump
Hi-Blow Air Pump
The Hi-Blow air pump is made in Japan and used widely within the UK.Hi-Blow Small Capacity Koi Air Pump (HP 20 Series)Application*Fish breeding equipment (oxygen supply)Silent Type Exhaust Type HP20 SpecificationsTYPE HP20 Rated Voltage V AC 220-240 Power Supply Frequency Hz 50 60 Normal Pressure kPa 9.8 Exhaust Volume /min 18 20 Power Consumption W 17 Noise Level dBA(1m) 31 Weight kg 3.2Hi-Blow Air...
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Oase AquaAir 250Oase AquaAir 250
Oase AquaAir 250
Oase AquaAir 250 The Aqua Air 250 is a floating aerator that provides an adequate supply of oxygen for bodies of water up to 250,000 litres. A pump supplies the air/water mixture to the artificial pond or lake via the venturi principle. The high volume flow guarantees air supply in the entire body of water through strong flow movements. Deep zones as well as shallow water zones can be optimally...
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Oase AquaOxy Air PumpsOase AquaOxy Air Pumps
Oase AquaOxy Air Pumps
Oase AquaOxy Air Pumps AquaOxy is representative of a pond aeration concept that ensures the perfect climate in the garden pond. The unique part is that it is the only fully outdoor weatherproof air pump that conforms to international safety standards. Suitable for ponds of up to 20,000 litres or with high fish stock. Simple and convenient in operation. Robust, resistant, and safe low voltage (12...
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