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Bottom Drain Converter
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Bottom Drain - 110mm Large Sump

All Koi ponds should be constructed to include a bottom drain. These drains are essential to the removal of solid fish waste, organic matter, such as leaves and debris and water high in Ammonia and Nitrite which becomes heavy and sinks.

Bottom drains are used on "Gravity Fed" systems, this means the water enters the filter by gravity and returns to the pond by pumped flow.

Water passes through the bottom drain through the connecting pipework and on to the filter system where the waste particles are delt with, usually by way of settlement in to a Vortex.

On gravity fed systems the pipework on the gravity side of the filter is of a large diameter, usually 110mm.

The water with the waste particles travels along this pipework slowly and as it does so particles will settle out within the pipework. Left unchecked these particles will harbour bad bacteria wich in turn can cause bacterial fish health problems like raised scales and ulcers.

Correct Installation of a Bottom Drain

1. Bottom Drain Fitted to the pond base.
2. Pipework connected to the bottom drain.
3. 1 x Tee and 2 x valves fitted to the pipework before entering the filter.
4. Pipework enters the filter.

By fitting the Tee and Valves water can be flushed to waste from the bottom drain and pipework ensuring this remains free of waste particles and eliminating the risk of bacterial fish health problems.
Many Koi shops do not offer this level of correct advise, which can be an all to costly mistake one or two years later when fish are developing Bacterial Health problems.

Here at Koi Logic we are always willing to offer you good sound advise and competitive prices on all Koi construction equipment.

Bottom Drain Specifications:
110mm High Quality Bottom Drain with a 230mm (9") sump. - Ideal for ponds.

If you wish to use Imperial Grey Pressure Pipe, you fit this to the drain using the 110mm to 4" PVC Converter.

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Bottom Drain 110mm Large Sump

Bottom Drain 110mm Large Sump
Bottom Drain 110mm Large SumpBottom Drain 110mm Large Sump

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