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Oase BioTec ScreenMatic

The new BioTec ScreenMatic enables safer and easier removal of coarse substances from the pond. The solids are withdrawn from the filter system via an extractor sieve and are transported into a collection tank through a permanent cleaning process. This can be easily removed. The ScreenMatic drive cleans the sieve continuously and guarantees sustainable flow. The filters allow the adjustment of flow via a function controller attached to the water distributer on the Screenex

With the new Biotec 12, 18 and 36 Screenmatic, Oase have once again set new standards for filter implementation in garden ponds. Simple operation, fast and clean maintenance with an outstanding filtration result are unique features of the new Biotec filters.

Mechanical cleaning

A specially designed sieve, the 'Screenex', retains all debris particles up to a size of 500 micron, which are pumped into the filter. After the water flows back through a special matt it is enriched with oxygen, it falls into the chamber below, flows through the filter zones, and then reaches the next filter chamber ('Individual chamber').

Biological Cleaning

The nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria present in the pond water settle and multiply in the oxygen rich filter zones (blue sponges) and in the oxygen poor zones (red sponges and individual chamber). In various biological processes they convert toxic ammonium/ammonia via nitrite to nitrate and finally to gaseous nitrogen. The individual chamber situated just in front of the outlet, is called 'individual' because every consumer has the choice of which filter material to insert (i.e. Oase Phosless). The chamber is equipped as standard with Zeolite.

Long service life

With the Screenex filter process happening prior to the actual filtration, many coarse particles are removed from circulation and only lightly polluted water actually reaches the filter sponges. This makes a longer than average cleaning interval possible.

Easy maintenance
The Screenmatic system can be folded up and out of the way at a 90 degree angle to provide free access to the filter sponges, it is no longer necessary to take the sponges out of the filter for cleaning. The special tool provided makes it possible to clean the sponges where they are situated in the filter.

Unique Advantages

With the new Biotec 12,18 or 36 flow-through filters Screenmatic enables the Biotec 12-18-36 to remove coarse debris from the pond in a manner that is even easier and safer.

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Oase Biotec Screenmatic Filter

Oase Biotec Screenmatic Filter
Oase Biotec Screenmatic FilterOase Biotec Screenmatic FilterOase Biotec Screenmatic FilterOase Biotec Screenmatic Filter

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