Kusuri Nitrite Test Kit

Kusuri Nitrite Test Kit - 30 Tests
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Kusuri Nitrite Test Kit

The Kusuri Nitrite Test Kit comprises of 3 x 10 foil sealed tablets, test tube with cap, plastic acetate colour match chart with colour breaks at 0/0.1/0.25/0.5/1.0/2.0 and 4mg/L.

The Nitrite Test Kit features Palintest® technology components, they are the very best in visual test kits.

The Nitrite Test kit features an easy to colour match plastic acetate card, and are supplied with non-degradable foil sealed tablets. Each kit will do 30 tests. The “one off” range principle is exactly that!  Buy it once, and you can replenish your kit with refill tablets (for 50 tests) or any other components required, and of course we put plenty of water quality information in our kits, so appropriate action can be taken if results are not as anticipated.

Kusuri Test Kits feature an accurate plastic acetate colour strip. When held up to a daylight source, it is far easier to compare than a paper printed chart.


Why test for Nitrite?

Nitrite is another deadly toxin for all pond fish. Nitrite is created by a process of bacterial action and is the “second stage” in the nitrogen cycle. When bacteria convert ( oxidize) Ammonia, Nitrite is created before eventually being converted into less harmful Nitrate. Nitrite is a cumulative poison that is less toxic than Ammonia, though can still be lethal for Koi at 2.0 mg/l if exposed to this level for 1 month or more. The cumulative nature of Nitrite breaks down the red blood cells and oxidizes iron in the haemoglobin into “methaemoglobin” in this state, there is no oxygen carrying capability. This has the effect of turning gills and the blood brown in colour, know as brown blood disease, other symptoms are lethargy, clamped fins, reddening of skin tissues, gasping at the surface of the pond. At exposure levels of 0.5 mg/l irritation can occur causing symptoms of “flicking & flashing”.



If fish are flashing, rubbing etc. always check Ammonia, ph, & Nitrite levels before medicating for assumed parasite problems particularly after resuming feeding after winter!


Resolving Nitrite issues: The bacteria that convert Nitrite to Nitrate are called Nitrobacter in bacterial terms they are very slow to multiply and colonize a pond and bio filter and do not thrive well in the presence of Ammonia, this essential bacterial activity needs to be improved for long term fish safe water. For dangerous levels of Nitrite, salt can be added at 0.6% (1oz per UK gallon) to alleviate brown blood disease while action is taken to resolve the problem.


New systems: High levels of Nitrite are common on new pond and tank systems and can take weeks to reduce to safe levels. If you are testing regularly you will see this increase on the test kit. Nitrite Usually starts to climb after Ammonia comes down. High levels of Nitrite need to reduced as quickly as possible. Nitrite reduction requires a duel approach, this can be achieved by Water changing (dilution) and adding more filter bacteria. And stop feeding! Change 15 to 20% only of the pond water daily, and use Kusuri filter starter / booster or Bactapur® Klear to supplement filter activity until levels are safe. Do not panic! This can take 2 weeks! Note: Nitrite can “linger” in new systems for up to 1 year even at low levels. A cautious approach to feeding and stocking a new pond is thoroughly recommended.


Established Systems:

If Nitrite is present on established systems this needs to be investigated. The most common cause is lack of enough bacterial activity in the filter, this can be caused by undersized or dirty filters, overfeeding, overstocking etc. If you need to constantly change water all the time to maintain safe levels then there is a problem! Early season “spikes” of Nitrite are not uncommon in unheated systems as filter bacteria are temperature sensitive and the amount of bacteria and their activity are greatly reduced after a long winter period. Re boost with filter bacteria and feed cautiously in the early season. For further advice please contact us.



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