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Waterco Bio-Mec Bead Filter
The Waterco Bio-Mec Bead Filter comes complete fully mounted on a skid base with High pressure Air Blower & sight glass for back flushing, a Multi Port Valve with union fittings.

You must have a suitably sized pump which must be selected to ensure the correct water flow is delivered to the Bio-Mec.
The Waterco Bio-Mec Filter should be installed after your Sieve/Vortex or Multi cyclone and main biological filter system.
Once installed, the Waterco Bio-Mec Filter will maintain your water clarity to a very high standard. and will also will remove suspended solids down to 10 microns in size.

The pumped water is fed to the Main Multi-port valve and diverted to the lower filter inlet.

The inflowing water is evenly dispersed through the special slotted pipes (Laterals) within the lower section of the filter.
The contaminated water flows upwards through the filter vessel depositing waste matter between the crevices of the Polymer Media (plastic beads).
To assist the growth of Bacteria for removal of the Ammonia present in the inflowing water, you will need to charge the system with a suitable bio-filter maturing product.
Once added to the inflowing water, good bacteria will begin to colonise on the filter media enhancing the biological action.
The Waterco Bio-Mec is designed to reduce the amount of maintenance (and waste water) required and ideally if the equipment has been correctly sized, backwashing will only be required on a weekly basis.
The backwashing process is assisted by the use of a very powerful blower (air compressor) and the whole procedure will take less than 5 minutes to perform.

The Waterco Bio-Mec filter is designed to ensure servicing simplicity.
The main filter body has a large 8" diameter lid for easy access to the internals of the filter. Both the top collector assembly and laterals can be easily unscrewed and removed for cleaning.

Model Size Pond Gallonage
Bio Mec 16 16" Diameter 3000 gallons
Bio Mec 20 20" Diameter 4400 gallons
Bio Mec 24 24" Diameter 7930 gallons
Bio Mec 30 30" Diameter 13000 gallons

Media Required.

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Waterco Bio-Mec Bead Filter

Waterco Bio-Mec Bead Filter

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